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Scott Nguyen

Taking a stand for the rights of individuals and their families when time is everything.

Client Successes
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  • Pasadena City College, Associate of Science, Paralegal Certificate, 2017
  • Rio Hondo College, Associate of Science, Business Management, 2008
  • Rio Hondo College, Associate of Science, Administration of Justice, 2008
  • Rio Hondo College, Forensic Investigation Certificate, 2008
Awards & Honors

With an appreciation for law and order, Scott knew as a child he wanted a career dealing with the law. Fast forward, after earning several degrees related to criminal justice and forensics science, Scott earned his Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies. It is here that he enjoys the opportunity to right the wrongs for people through managing the day-to-day case logistics, including reviewing and drafting legal documents ranging from discovery and motions to subpoenas and correspondences, filing court related documents, reviewing documents produced to ensure they are relevant to the case, conducting legal research to support case strategy and managing case calendars.

The fast-paced environment of a personal injury firm speaks Scott’s language. In addition to keeping all the balls in the air by day, Scott is a group fitness instructor by night. He believes his unwavering dedication to personal fitness combined with the self-discipline it requires has helped shape his commitment to advocating and working tirelessly for his clients.

How I Help Clients
Keep clients focused on what really matters
through a calm demeanor and ability to take them by the hand and walk them through the case, answering questions I anticipate they will ask.
Cover every step from beginning to end
making sure we are keeping the case moving forward and keeping an eye out for consistency.
Take a “devil is in the details” approach.
It is never clear cut and dried — in fact, the details are complicated and likely to cause problems if someone isn’t living in them.
Catch hurdles and help remove obstacles
to give our clients’ cases a better chance of progressing and winning.
Professional Credentials

Scott received his Certificate in Paralegal Studies in 2017 from Pasadena City College. Prior to that, Scott also earned an Associate of Science in Business Management, Associate of Science in Administration of Justice, and a Forensic Investigation Certificate.

Personal Interests
How I like to spend my time…

When I’m not nose down on cases, I recharge as a group fitness instructor at various gyms where I instruct members through classes such as martial arts-inspired kickboxing, full-body weight workouts, and yoga-based mind body classes. I also enjoy disconnecting by playing video games or taking in the great outdoors through hikes.

What’s on my bucket list…

Traveling to different countries to take in the cultures, traditions and food of the respective areas I visit.