Their personal relationship was something I needed, but didn’t know that I needed at the time. And their ability to have answers and solutions to problems that I didn’t know I had yet, was huge!


Focused on Real People with Real Stories

It all started with a shared vision—a law firm where clients are not just cases, but genuine people with real stories. The legal field traditionally does not recognize it this way, but we surely do because we often imagine ourselves in our client’s shoes.

For over 20 years, Tim Pearce and Stuart Lewis worked for well-respected law firms in the San Francisco Bay and Houston areas and collaborated on many cases together. Their shared vision led to the formation of Pearce Lewis LLP and the commitment to a client-centered law firm.

Today, Pearce Lewis is a growing firm of shared believers that promotes the philosophy our client is king. We are:

  • a law firm dedicated to personalized legal strategies tailored to each of our client’s individual circumstances and needs
  • a law firm focused on outcomes truly based on what is best for each client
  • a law firm where the client is not treated simply as a case but rather as a person facing the toughest battle of their life
  • a law firm where we like and care about our clients and our clients like us
  • a law firm where we feel honored and privileged to represent hardworking, honest people

In essence, we are a high-touch, high-integrity litigation boutique that takes your case and our relationships personally. Through our deep industry knowledge, personal genuine relationships and unparalleled level of service, Pearce Lewis redefines the typical personal injury client experience.