Secondary Exposure

An elderly woman at home gazing out a window.

Secondary asbestos exposure, typically affecting women and children more often, is just as harmful as primary exposure since there is no safe level of exposure. Secondary exposure occurs when a worker unknowingly brings asbestos fibers home on their work clothes, hair, and skin indirectly exposing their families and home environment.

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Brian G.

One of the most insidious effects of asbestos exposure is the ability of the asbestos fiber to transfer from the exposed person to an equally innocent bystander such as a spouse or child. Our clients are often people who were exposed to asbestos fibers when they were child or even an infant. These devastating fibers were unknowingly brought into their homes by a father, mother or sibling and attached to the carpets, drapes, couches, beds and anything else they possibly could, including routine embraces at the end of a long workday.

These family members had no idea that the very occupation they were engaged in to provide for their family would devastate their own spouses, children or family members decades later. Due to the long latency period associated with asbestos exposure, and the reality that these stealth exposures happened decades earlier, people younger and younger are being diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma and learning the true reality regarding the origin of their devastating and crushingly preventable disease. These deadly hugs and otherwise innocent encounters continue to devastate families for decades to come. Parents who must bear the burden of unknowingly exposing their family to deadly fibers. Children who must grow up without a mother or father. It didn’t need to be this way.

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