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Nathalie Luong

Taking a stand for the rights of individuals and their families when time is everything.

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With over five years of experience as a legal assistant, and 15 years in the casino industry, Nathalie Luong is known to be a “jack of all trades.” A loyal team player who is solutions focused, she provides administrative support to the lawyers which includes overseeing various administrative functions, maintaining appointments and deadlines, conducting legal research, reviewing documents, preparing the lawyers for hearings, trials, and meetings, and organizing and maintaining files.

A child at heart who brings a positive disposition to any situation, Nathalie enjoys contributing to the greater good of the firm and readily takes on responsibility for preparing the lawyers and cases for trial or settlement.

How I Help Clients
Expedite their cases
by following through on securing documents required for the case in a timely fashion.
Enable client’s cases to run smoothly and without delay
through attention to detail and by ensuring important dates are calendared so deadlines are readily seen and adhered to.
Bring a sense of levity or a positive spirit
to client cases to lighten the heavy load on our teams so they can remain focused on the end goal.
Professional Credentials

Prior to joining the firm, Nathalie worked in various legal roles including legal secretary, executive assistant and administrative assistant supporting lawyers with day-to-day responsibilities including managing calendars, maintaining time entries, coordinating with team members to meet case deadlines and demands, preparing correspondence to clients, co-counsel and opposing counsel, as well as managing binders and exhibits, proofing and revising transactional agreements and serving and filing pleadings in State Court.

She further finds her many years of experience in the gaming industry translates well to her role in the legal industry as she was required to dot the i’s and cross the t’s while managing daily activities and schedules, along with gaming procedures and gaming chip accountabilities.

Personal Interests
How I like to spend my time…

A self-described “concert buff,” Nathalie enjoys attending concerts whenever the opportunity presents itself. She also likes to unwind doing various arts and crafts, as well as exploring new restaurants and good food with friends and family.

What’s on my bucket list…
  • Travel the world to experience other culture