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Ian Irving







Ian Irving

Taking a stand for the rights of individuals and their families when time is everything.

Client Successes
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  • DePaul University, History, 2002
Awards & Honors

As a former Navy medic turned health care administrator, Ian Irving serves asa Settlement Coordinator. At the end of the day, when all the lawyering is done and a settlement or judgement has been reached, Ian relishes in getting the client paid. As a straight shooter, who tries to eliminate surprises, Ian manages all processes from presenting settlement release documents to clients for their review and signature to forwarding executed documents to opposing counsel. From here, Ian then manages distributing secured funds to clients and, as a result, often becomes the client’s favorite person within the firm!

With a background as a United States Navy medic, and fellow Veteran to many of the firm’s clients, Ian particularly finds his role rewarding and gratifying. Most of the clients with whom he works have been the very individuals working hard for an honest and decent living for their families. And yet, these jobs and roles become the very thing that harms them. Ian believes his work is a small contribution in trying to indemnify these individuals and their families and that brings him heartfelt satisfaction.

Following the Navy, Ian managed call center operations and systems for a large healthcare system known as Kaiser Permanente.

How I Help Clients
Dot the i’s and cross the t’s
so clients can realize the distribution of the funds owed to them sooner rather than later.
Persistence pays off for our clients
when a determined spirit is pursuing their funds and they don’t have to.
Bring a sense a calm and trust to our client’s situation
having been a Veteran myself and understanding their fears and concerns.
Allow clients to feel well taken care of
because I am calculated and purposefully loyal to my mission and cause, which is their mission and cause.
Professional Credentials

After serving in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, Ian worked part-time in nursing and phlebotomy while earning his bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in communications in 2002. Soon after, he entered the work force as a property accountant for a large commercial real estate firm in Chicago and then served as a healthcare administrator for a large healthcare system, Kaiser Permanent, in California.

Personal Interests
How I like to spend my time…

When I’m not processing settlements, I enjoy serving with my family as an active canine foster family for Guild Dogs for the Blind, and taking in the Giants, Raiders and Warriors. I also find time to play in an adult baseball league, as well as hike and kayak the waterways of Northern California. Some consider me a terrible surfer, amateur woodworker, golf junkie and avid fisherman

What’s on my bucket list…
  • Hiking and backpacking portions of both the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails
  • Playing golf on historic golf course
  • Rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon