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Deborah Tran

Taking a stand for the rights of individuals and their families when time is everything.

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Known to be deeply invested in the firm and do nearly everything but practice law, Deborah Tran keeps the trains on the track for Pearce Lewis. She is a uniquely talented and well-seasoned Office Manager who started her career as a Litigation Secretary and grew into law firm administration.

With over 15 years of legal industry experience, Deborah manages the day-to-day business of the firm which includes overseeing HR functions, payroll, general office operations including formation and implementation of policies and procedures, information technology support, accounting, and case status management.

An integral part of the team, Deborah is a straight shooter who tends to be the glue that holds the practice together. Being flexible and fluid allows her to successfully wear many hats and bring a relaxed approach to managing the firm. Deborah recognizes every case requires the concerted effort of each firm member and ensures that is a seamless experience for all...most importantly, for the client.

How I Help Clients
Deeply invest in our client’s cases
to ensure we are securing them the best possible outcome.
Empathize with our client’s situation
understand the difficulties they face, and maximize our ability to efficiently drive cases to a successful conclusion.
Efficiently manage the administrative side of the business
so our partners can be the best lawyers possible for our clients.
Everything I do
is done in the best interest of taking care of our client’s family.
Professional Credentials
Personal Interests
How I like to spend my time…

When I’m not busy keeping the office afloat, I enjoy disconnecting from the business world to train for marathons and triathlons, and traveling. On the more relaxing side, I also enjoy reading and exploring restaurants and bakeries. On my best day, you can find me combining all of these by traveling for a race, hitting up a great bookstore in the city I’m in, and finding great places to eat.

What’s on my bucket list…
  • It is on my radar to complete an Ironman
  • I’d like to visit every state and every continent