Our attorneys are experienced in representing injured plaintiffs in a variety of litigation types, including what is known as “mass torts.” Sometimes, for judicial economy, cost-effectiveness, and to otherwise streamline the litigation process, an individual’s case is consolidated with the cases of many other injured parties when a specific product or similar incident has caused injuries to many people. For example, when thousands of people had a defectively designed hip replacement part implanted which caused them injuries, their case was consolidated into a mass tort.

Mass tort cases usually involve hundreds, if not thousands, of injured parties usually litigating against some of the largest companies in the world. Litigating such cases is a unique skill as mass torts are a specialized area of law which require impeccable organization, financial resources, insider’s knowledge of how such cases proceed, knowledge of the laws of multiple states, medical knowledge, and clear, frequent client communication.

All our attorneys have extensive experience in mass torts, the requisite skill set to litigate them, and a proven track record of recovered damages. We combine both the financial resources and the legal know-how to represent injured parties efficiently and effectively in such cases. Most importantly, even in these consolidated actions, our lawyers never waiver in giving individual attention and an unparalleled level of service to each plaintiff we represent in these cases… this is truly unique in the world of mass torts.