Chad C.

Advocating Beyond Our Expectations

Richard C. was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma during the holiday season of 2019. The diagnosis came as a shock to everyone as he had been in exceptional health and living an active life before this dreadful diagnosis wreaked havoc on the family. Richard had always prided himself on being the provider for his family, a responsibility that he took seriously even into retirement as he opened and successfully ran an antique business and continued to maintain the family property and cars.

In an instant, Richard’s mesothelioma diagnosis turned his world upside down. As the family quickly realized things would never be the same, his son Chad C., reached out to our team for help. After a thorough meeting with Richard and his family, learning about his history, we determined his exposure to asbestos was broader than originally thought given his work as an electrician in many refineries and as an automobile mechanic. With this insightful information, our team wasted no time securing significant compensation for Richard while he was alive, giving him the peace of mind and security knowing he had provided for his family, even in sickness. Chad commented, “Every client needs to understand why you can’t wait is in these situations.”

After Richard’s death, our team continued to advocate for the family securing several additional million dollars in recovery making the overall recovery for the family over $6 million in gross settlements.