Evelyn R.

They Empowered Me

When Ed R. died unexpectedly, his wife, Evelyn, knew there must have been something more than simply old age. Ed had worked as a boiler mechanic for many years, placing him in direct contact with a variety of asbestos containing products including pipe covering, insulating cements and gasket materials, all of which exposed him to massive amounts of asbestos.

An autopsy was performed confirming Evelyn’s suspicions—it was more than just old age, it was malignant mesothelioma that caused her husband’s steep decline and untimely death.

Unfamiliar with law firms or lawyers, a family friend referred Evelyn to Pearce Lewis and our team immediately went to work. We identified coworkers who could place Ed around various asbestos containing products and then tailored a legal approach that fit Evelyn’s goals and objectives. The result was a $3+ million gross recovery that has allowed Evelyn to live out her golden years with peace and financial security, while also empowering her to take care of those she loves. Evelyn continues to remain a friend of Pearce Lewis!