Chuck O.

They Wasted No Time

Bill B. was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma in the Spring of 2021. Before his diagnosis, he was living a vibrant life with his wife, daughter and grandchild. As the ultimate provider, after his daughter suffered a workplace injury and was no longer able to afford living alone, Bill and his wife extended their home to them. Bill relished being able to take on more of a father role with his granddaughter, taking her to school, traveling with her for sports and taking her to horse riding lessons.

After receiving the mesothelioma diagnosis, the family was completely devastated. Bill worried about what would happen to his wife and family as the disease progressed and knew time wasn’t on his side. He also knew he needed help navigating these unknown waters. After hearing from a neighbor about Pearce Lewis, Bill and his wife reached out for a consultation. It was an immediate personality match and Bill knew he had the right team on his side. We immediately went to work identifying all the different exposures Bill experienced working as a pipe fitter and then did everything legally possible to expedite his case.

Over the following seven months, we were able to recover over $10 million dollars while Bill was still living, allowing him to have peace of mind and security his family would be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Today, even after Bill’s death, our team continues to advocate for his wife, daughter and granddaughter, fulfilling our promise that we would not rest until the job was completely finished.