Client Testimonials

Rolling along. “E” is in a real nice home and “A” is fine with the change. He is close by and gets daily visits.

“A’s” cancer has practically halted. She’s enjoying reasonable health and independence.

Thinking of you as a powerful and well-armed Knight traveling the countryside defending and enabling the common folks like us who in our case have been enriched by the Kings treasure that you have recovered in our behalf. It’s made it possible for how to keep dad comfortable and mom stress free. That has improved the quality of her life and will ultimately lengthen it as well. Should you ever need any flowery testimony that is mostly true, you may call on me.

It means a great deal to me to know that I can share my thoughts about Stuart Lewis of Pearce Lewis law firm. 

Stuart was the attorney that my husband and I retained when we learned  his diagnosis was that of  Mesothelioma.  My husband was impressed with Stuart’s knowledge, his kindness and his compassion for him and our situation.  And once the decision was made to hire his firm we never looked back.  After my husband passed away, Stuart continued to be available to me for support and help in guiding me through the process. His patience, kindness and caring have made a difficult time a  bit easier to navigate. 

I have found Stuart to be a  strong advocate for those who have suffered, through  no fault of their own, with  these very devastating illnesses. He is a Champion for those of us who would otherwise, not be able to work  through the legal issues involved. It is important to have a knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, strong advocate in your corner when trying to navigate the process.  You have that in Stuart Lewis. 

Thank you Stuart for all that  you do,and have done, for me and my family. Know that I appreciate you.  

God Bless you and Tim Pearce as you embark on this new endeavor. I wish you much success. 

C.B. from South Carolina